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The Veil Between Worlds

Halloween is a big deal in my house. It's my son's birthday. We love all things spooky and magical about this day when the veil between the worlds becomes thinner.

I love that expression. Always have... I imagine it's like walking through rows of freshly washed white sheets, their fabric snapping and popping in cool late October air. As you wander through you catch glimpses of another world, a place where secrets are answered and loved ones are reunited.

Or maybe it's like a fog that suddenly envelops you. It's cool dampness clinging to your skin and sending tiny shivers down your back. Shadows drift around you... tall and ominous, small and skittish... something brushes against your arm. Do you stand there and let the fog swirl around you or do you push through to the other side. What is waiting for you, what do you want to find.

Our spooky house

Spooky me

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