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I love you

When I'm not writing memoirs that make my family uncomfortable , I'm a SC Historian and Tour Guide in Charleston SC (visiting? A few days ago after touring some very lovely folks around the city, I ended the tours with goodbyes, well wishes and an unexpected "drive safely, I love you..." (a very brief awkward moment followed) "... taking my tour and having fun in Charleston, WOOO!" and I turned around and dashed for my car feeling like an idiot.

As I walked back down the oak lined streets of Charleston, heading for my car, I was struck by how easily the words "i love you" fly off my lips today. I was not raised in a family that said "I love you". As a child I longed to hear those words of comfort and safety. I tended to have deep insecurities that made me think my tenure in my family was fickle. One wrong move and I'd be shunned and unloved forever. One more misunderstanding and my world would shatter. My elaborate imagination would drive my thoughts deep into the realm of UNloved.

The older I got and the more I created my own family and friends and "family" I found myself taking such pleasure in telling them that I loved them (some too much... some too soon) but the words dripped like sweet honey onto hot biscuits serving up TRUE SOUL FOOD for me and those I love. So if you get a little unexpected love from an unexpected place... grab it... pass it on to the next and let it flow through us all.

Well, we tried

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