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I wasn’t ever planning on blogging.  Although I love to write, I have a terrible time with dashing out something quickly.  I like to write and revisit. Think and edit. Nap. I have also spent the last 14 years working full time as a photographer of weddings and families and I let the pictures speak the 1000 words for me. So, this, is foreign, but I hoping not completely infrequent.

What inspired me today was my walk with my one year old puppy Holly Louise.  I was musing on the thought “what in the world was Santa thinking when he/she dropped this puppy into our laps last Christmas.” Did he KNOW she would eat my glasses, poo on my favorite (not anymore) rug, terrorize our beloved cat? No, Santa did not.  Santa went to look at a littler of pups, just look, and this fluff of fur walked up to Santa’s feet, gazed up into Santa’s eyes and fell over onto it’s back from the sheer weight of it’s own poofy head of fur.  Santa lifted this pup to eye level and got a lick.  Santa had been chosen by a dog.

I was once chosen. Lot’s of choices went into who I am today.  I am the happy AMAZING result of a lot of AMAZING things that got me where I am today… being pulled down the street where I live by a beautiful sweet natured (mostly) dog, up to a beautiful home filled with folks I love up one side and down the other. That’s amazing.

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